Chike - Sky Raider

Help Chike fly & dash sky high, collect gold chips, unlock new jetpacks.

Enjoy the endless fun

Stickman Fight - Dark Adventures

Be the hero of a dying world.

 Fight Darkest Battles In The Latest Offline Platformer Action Game of 2019

Stickman Fight - Apocalypse

Save your world

Defend your Base

The zombies are close, shoot em all!

Stickman Fight - Badlandz

Darkness is coming

A kind of evil we've never seen

Save the badlandz

Stickman Defend

Ready, Aim, Fire & Reload

Shoot em all, before they cut you down

Interesting mini games too!

Burster Drones

App Rush meets arkanoid and breakout in this addictive classic brick breaker with an awesome and geeky twist.

Upgrade your tank, blow up other tanks and reach the top of the googleplay leaderboard!

Tap and Bounce with the Beat

Tap and bounce to the beat in this rhythm-based action platformer!

App Rush

How long can you tap apps without tapping a virus?

©2024 deluxe creation studios. all rights reserved

©2023 deluxe creation studios.

all rights reserved